Soldadera Coffee • Food

Soldadera is a family owned cold brew coffee company bringing cul- tural avors and awareness to minority women inequality one bottle at a time.


The Only Bean • Food

A plant based food company focused on using beans to create innovative food products.


Kings Brewing Company • Food

Kings is community microbrewery featuring uniquely crafted beer brewed in the heart of 49507 paired with Cajun-inspired dishes. Check out our booth for a taste of what’s to come and how we plan to change the craft beer industry.


Squish & Scrub • Product

Squish&Scrub creates innovative pet health and grooming products. Squish&Scrub’s first product, which shares its name, is dubbed “the Swiffer of pet grooming” and is a patented, self-cleaning, reusable scrub brush that uses disposable, no rinse Dog-odorant wipe refills.


SLP-TEK Cot/Solace • Product

The SLP-TEK Cot is the first no assembly, lightweight, compact, travel anywhere modular resting device. Applications for the US Military and outdoor enthusiasts allow SLP-TEK to accompany the user at all times for instant set up and disassembly for off the ground sleeping, camouflage and the capability of becoming a portable fabric solar panel.


Hoodini • Product

The Hoodini is a 3D Knit escape proof baby swaddle. This swaddle is built in one seamless process, engineered with hug technology and arm tubes to protect against Moro re ex, face scratching, and suffocation hazards.


Public Thread • Retail & Social Impact

Public Thread is a sustainable production house that uses upcycled and re-purposed textiles to make sewn products that grow jobs in the creative economy. Distinctive in its social mission, Public Thread leverages partnerships with corporations, institutions & nonprofits to reduce textile waste, pay living wages and facilitate market-entry for new designers.


Muse GR • Service

Muse is an interactive art gallery that is ever changing with new art and themes. It provides a space for people to be creative and come together to host an event, take a class, or schedule a photoshoot.


Adoraa Company • Technology

A mobile app and web platform designed to match users with hair and beauty products that best t their hair and skin type. While also providing fulfillment services for local businesses who make hair and beauty products.


Payload CMS • Technology 

Payload CMS is the world’s first headless content management system built with JavaScript + Express that enables companies to manage one source of content for any digital medium: be it VR, websites, apps, or more. Payload saves developers from building the same interfaces over and over to handle content management, and its JavaScript nature drastically improves dev teams’ workflows by enabling them to keep their entire tech stack in one language.