Matthew Eleweke

Sympl. • Technology

A Slack-like app for students to dramatically accelerate peer to peer learning. Proof of concept pilot had 2,000 daily users at MSU.


Kendall Hines

Lawnbot • Technology

Lawnbot's is a cloud-based, mobile sales & payment platform that makes it quick, secure and painless for people and lawn care companies to do business, within a simple 2 minute chat conversation.


Hailey Smith

Polished Crown • Service

Polished Crown is a salon and spa catering to those with hair loss. No matter where you are in your hair journey, we are here to support and empower you along the way! Services include; custom wigs, scalp treatments, microblading, eyelash extensions and more!


Gina Adams

Wearology • Product

Ware·ologie develops stylish hardware to restore independence and dignity to people with disabilities. The first product converts shirt buttons into magnetic closures to restore an essential activity of daily living. Buttons 2 Button Magnetic Adapters are a no-sew, machine washable solution that allows customers to express their own style and improve overall well-being.



Luis Chen

Wormies • Social Impact

Wormies Vermicompost is a custom-made soil amendment, rich in beneficial probiotic bacteria and nutrients. We have a worm farm dedicated to the the production of vermicompost (worm manure) and the regeneration of soil. We source our raw materials through a residential and commercial food-scrap pickup service, which diverts waste from landfills.


William Thatcher

Anvil • Technology

Anvil is an app that helps to alleviate student debt by providing users the optimal pay-off strategy and then manage the repayment so every cent is a savings bulls-eye. Average user saves around $14,500 and get out of debt 6 years sooner.


Andrea Wallace

Fourtifeye • Technology

Fourtifeye, will be a cloud-based, scalable analytics aggregation platform available via desktop web app and mobile that leverages machine learning capability to help artists quickly and easily understand their followers and make data-driven decisions, allowing them to focus on what they’re good at - MAKING MUSIC.


Nadia & Shatawn Brigham

GRNoir • Service

GRNoir will leverage wine, a growing point of interest amongst Americans, with jazz, a significant marker of African American culture, into a relaxing space to create community. GRNoir welcomes folks to enjoy wine, small plates and jazz. GRNoir will cultivate, elevate, and celebrate American culture.


Felisha Rodriguez

CurlCase ® by Wear Your Curls • Product

The CurlCase ® is a hair care product that gives you longer lasting styles while protecting your hair. By CurlCasing your hair when you sleep you can trust that your hair was encased, protected, and made to last another day!


Jovan Naves

U.F.O. • Retail

Urban Fashion & Organics (UFO) is a shared retail space that allows local brands to provide the products and merchandise in a designated space in store while leaving the selling to us.



Marcel Price

The Diatribe Theater, People’s Choice Winner