The 100 Comeback Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any minimum or maximum amount of money that an entrepreneur can be awarded?

Money is awarded on a case-by-case basis based on the needs of the entrepreneur. We don’t expect each household to require the same amount to get through the next 100 days.

What is the selection criteria?

We’re trying to be flexible. Individual need is a big factor and the progress the company has been able to make since starting. Startups come in all shapes and sizes. To reiterate, this is not a small business relief fund. These are grants to individual entrepreneurs, so they can be safe and adapt to this changing landscape as they prepare to reopen and rehire.

Who is on the selection committee?

We use the same process we’d use for the Start Garden 100. Other entrepreneurs in the community and entrepreneur support organizations are invited to weigh in and can factor heavily in the decisions. The final decision comes down to Start Garden organizers.

When will funds start to be distributed?

As soon as we can process all the requests and make the selections. We’re targeting mid-April.

Will all awardees find out at the same time if they won, or will this be a rolling process?

We anticipate that we’ll announce them at the same time. When we ask, “What does your household need to get through the next few months?” we’re asking for one lump sum an entrepreneur needs to weather the next few months.

Outside of these funds being diverted from The 100 and the submissions being open for 100 hours, is there anything else the “100” represents in the name “The 100 Comeback”?

We’re hoping the funds help entrepreneurs to hold on for about 100 days. “100” can also be slang for keeping it real. Start Garden has always been about cutting the crap and getting resources into entrepreneurs hands!

Is The Start Garden 100 Demo Day 2020 canceled?

2020’s Start Garden 100 is now The 100 Comeback. We kept the same platform and adapted it to meet the unprecedented need in our community. More information on Demo Day is coming later this summer.

Demo Day won’t have 100 entrepreneurs all competing to be in the top 10 at 20 Monroe Live, as we had in the past. However, we’re not cancelling the event altogether. We’ll revisit if there is an opportunity to bring people together, in some way, around entrepreneurs this fall. So, stay tuned.

How does The 100 Comeback work?

Until Saturday, April 11 at noon, you can submit an appeal on the The 100 Comeback website. We’ll alert the chosen entrepreneurs to receive funds in mid April. We’re aiming to distribute funds mid-April.

Who can submit?

Current business owners who:

  • Have a demonstrated personal need.
  • Can verify their business was shut down or severely impacted as a result of Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s executive order.
  • Can verify the business has a loyal customer base.
  • Are located (or have a registered address) in Kent County OR have been selected in the past to participate in The Start Garden 100 or 5×5 Night.

Any business that fits the above criteria is encouraged to apply. Furthermore, additional allocations are available for minority- and women-owned businesses and tech companies that are connected with the Grand Rapids SmartZone.

Do you have to live in Grand Rapids, MI to qualify?

Not necessarily. You must either be located (or have a registered address) in Kent County, or have been selected in the past to participate in The Start Garden 100 or 5×5 Night to qualify.

I’m not able to record my appeal through the website.

Try using a different device: a laptop, smartphone or tablet. You can also contact us if you need troubleshooting help.

Computer instructions:

1. Click Record Video.
Your browser may prompt you to “Click to use Flash” and grant access to your camera. Make sure to allow access.
2. When you see yourself, click the red button to start. Timer starts a countdown from 1:40 (1 minute, 40 seconds). When you’re finished, your video is automatically saved.
3. To play back your video, click the black “Play” button. Or click the “Record” button to start over again. Type a description and click “Submit.”

iPhone/iPad instructions:

The camera on your iPhone/iPad does not automatically stop. Be sure to keep your appeal to 1 minute, 40 seconds (100 seconds). If you upload a video longer than 1:40, it will be cut off at 1:40.

  1. Select “Record or Select a video file.”
  2. Select “Take Video” to record your appeal. Tap the red button to start, tap to stop at 1:40.
  3. When you’re satisfied, select “Use Video.” Select “Upload Video.”Type a brief description and select “Submit.”

Not working? Log in from another phone/tablet/computer.

Do you have to submit an appeal through the website?

Yes, all appeals must be submitted through the website, as well as completing the application.

Can I change my appeal after I record it?

After you submit an appeal, you have 24 hours to re-record it. After 24 hours it is entered for review. You may not change your appeal once it is in review. Do not submit more than one appeal.

Can I submit more than appeal?

No, one appeal per applicant only, please.

How can I apply?

All applications must be submitted between Tuesday, April 7 at 8 am EST and Saturday, April 11 at noon EST. First, entrepreneurs complete an application. Then, record and upload a 100-second video that answers 3 simple questions:

  1. What’s your household’s immediate need to get through the next few months? (Note: we are NOT asking you to open your business right away. Instead, take the time needed to be safe, navigate this new business landscape and plan for the future).
  2. Tell us about your business. How long has it been open? What do you make or service? Who are your customers?
  3. How has the COVID-19 shut down impacted you/your business?

Does Start Garden own a stake in these appeals if they’re submitted?

No, Start Garden does not take any stake as a debtor or investor into a company.

Is The 100 Comeback a small business relief fund?

The 100 Comeback is not a small business relief fund. Rather it’s a fund to support the personal needs of entrepreneurs to be safe, care for their families and prepare for their comeback.

What can I use these funds for?

Entrepreneurs who receive funds can use this money to support the personal needs of themselves and their families, including groceries, personal bills, medical needs, and more.